Buying Guide

Our brief buying guide will help you chose the correct item to make sure you get the right thing first time.


Lamps come with different type bases and some in colour options

BC is also known as Bayonet cap or B22

ES is also known as Large Eddison Screw or E22

SES is also known as Small Eddison Screw or E14

Colour options are generally warm white, cool white and daylight, warm white has the colour of a traditional lamp this has a slight orange tinge, cool white is a more of a pure white colour and daylight is a very harsh light with a hint of blue.

LED Tape

Our LED tape is supplied in 5 meter lengths that can be cut to make several shorter lengths.

when selecting a power supply/driver please times the length required by the wattage an add 10% and then use the power supply with the closet wattage.

eg 5 meters at 5w = 25w so would use the 30w driver.

All our tape has a maximum length of 5 meters, if you require more than 5 meters these must be run as 2 separate lengths.

eg 8 meters can be run as 5 meters and 3 meters as 2 pieces but can run to 1 power supply/driver so 8 x 5w =40 +10% 44 so the closest driver is 60w.

Dimmable Lamps

It is only possible to dim the lamps that are listed as dimmable, even then LED lamps are not always compatible with a older type halogen dimmer.

we would recommend that you replace your current dimmer with the correct LED dimmer.